Game Design and Development

Game design and development has recently become an explosive segment of information technology, thanks to the proliferation of new video game consoles, portable gaming devices and smartphones. Social media has also played a key role in attracting audiences to online and in-app games, where non-hardcore gamers can entertain themselves or while away the time.

If you’re a company or individual who is interested in exploring the use of games in marketing, or would like to launch a new full-length video game, complete with a storyline, then you’re in luck as our in-house consultant is equipped to respond to your needs.


Gamification is using game elements to engage people in an app, a software, or a digital marketing campaign. It is founded on the idea of rewarding customers, and users, to keep them sticking to a goal, be it finishing a course you’re offering, or keeping them coming back to your website or app. If you need someone who can write the code for this, or a consultant who can provide recommendations, you can definitely tap Lioness Media to do the job.  

Game Design and Development

Lioness Media creates both adver games, as well as full-scale games as commissioned work. Our in-house consultant for game design and development was educated at a premier school offering a degree on this niche, and has won national awards for his games, making him more than capable to deliver your requirements.  

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