Editorial Services by Lioness Media

Editorial Services

Not all types of content are created equal, and no company understands this better than Lioness Media. We are aware of how much junk already exists on the web, and you can guarantee that our output for you won’t add to it. Research is at the center of all our writing, and we always produce content that we won’t be embarrassed to associate with our name.

In addition, Lioness Media offers you flexibility that our competitors cannot. With over ten years of experience in writing and editing articles on every topic imaginable, you can certainly depend on our in-house consultant to deliver well-written content for your business needs.


Copywriting is relying on the power of words to convince your customers why you are worthy of their trust. Good copywriting allows you to play to your strength; it highlights the solutions that you can provide your customers, and relays your honest intentions to build a lasting relationship with them. It makes it irresistible for your audience to click that “buy now button,” without resorting to cheap gimmicks.

Below are the types of content that we are capable of writing for you:

  • Landing Pages
  • Corporate Profiles
  • Web Content
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • E-books
  • Technical/Internal Documents
  • Brand Materials and Guidelines
  • Brochures
  • Proposals and Grants
  • Product Descriptions
  • Sales Pitches
  • Letter Templates

Copy Editing

Every writer needs an editor. You need a fresh set of eyes to check typos or issues within your copy that you may miss during proofreading. If you need an experienced editor who has a lot of background in cleaning up errors in your copies, Lioness Media has the right person for you. Below are our areas of expertise when it comes to copy editing:  

  • Magazines
  • News Websites
  • Technical/Internal Documents
  • Corporate Materials
  • Books
  • Essays
  • Academic Writing

Journalistic Pieces

Are you a traditional or online publication looking for a freelance reporter to work on an article? Or, are you a business that’s looking for someone to pen a feature about you for syndication? Let Sandy Miguel of Lioness Media work with you. (The output may be bylined under Sandy Miguel if you are a publisher, and not a brand or business entity.)

Press Releases

Press releases are still helpful in distributing links to your website, and helping it rank better online. Offline, journalists and publishers still review them to see what they can work with, and for additional ideas. Let us deliver your message with a well-written press release. 

Proposal Writing

Lioness Media’s clients have successfully won new accounts with the help of well-crafted proposals that go deep with data and market research. Formal or conversational, we can adjust the tone of your proposal based on your target audience.

Scripts or Spiels

Lioness Media can write your script for an upcoming event. You can also tap us as a script doctor, if you are dissatisfied with a previously outsourced script for your event. Lioness Media also has ample experience in writing spiels for call/telemarketing campaigns.

All our editorial campaigns will be run by Sandy Miguel, our founder and owner, who has received exceptional education and training in the field. Do you want to view samples to her work? Email her at sandy@lionessmedia.net for a link to her portfolio. You may also reach her via this contact form.