Clueless No More: Demystifying Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Digital marketing for your small business

Digital marketing is a catch-all term that encompasses a wide variety of techniques to boost a person’s or business’ revenue. It essentially involves the use of available online tools and channels in making loyal customers out of audiences.

According to Clutch, 82 percent of small businesses that employ digital marketing believe digital marketing is crucial to their success. The company also revealed that 60 percent of these small businesses got their digital marketing efforts started with social media. 

75 percent meanwhile claimed they are looking to beef up their social media campaigns by next year or later. Indeed, digital marketing has become harder to ignore as it generates sizable returns for small businesses.

Localized Digital Marketing

Localization is a buzzword that has been on the vocabulary of marketers recently. It essentially means reaching customers in a particular place by speaking their language. 

Localization in Digital Marketing

Localized content is loved content. Image Source: Pixabay

With everyone focused on capitalizing the global stage, local audiences have been ignored for quite some time. Sure, you have SEO (i.e. search engine optimization, and myriad directories where you can submit your business. But without a clear localization strategy, efforts to reach your customers may fall flat.

Posts published in various languages, such as those of Coca-Cola’s Facebook account, are clear examples of the strategy. It’s currently a popular strategy among publishers, app developers, and travel or booking agencies.

A Smorgasbord of Digital Marketers

Digital marketing in Cavite has caught on, thanks to the “gig” economy and massive entrepreneurial growth in the province. Spurred by developments in nearby business districts, demand for digital marketing in Cavite has swelled over the past few years. This has breathed new life to the career of freelancers in the historic province.

Digital marketing providers in Cavite have increased in recent years.

Demand for digital marketing in Cavite has gone up in recent years. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

A simple Google search would bring up a number of results now for digital marketing providers, as compared to before. Back then, of course, Manila-based and international companies are your only options.

Components of Digital Marketing

Now that we’ve gone over the need for and presence of digital marketing services, let’s take a look at its components. Ultimately, it will depend on what your objectives are when deciding to implement digital marketing in Cavite for your business. Below are some of the methods you should consider for your campaign:

Pay Per Click

Pay per click is incorporates search engine advertising to drive traffic to your website, ultimately to sell your products. Google Adwords is just an example of a PPC type of network. Affiliate advertising networks such as Nuffnang run PPC campaigns for brands on websites owned by bloggers and publishers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves a series of regularly sent emails that either contain newsletters, updates or sales pitches. Crafting a robust email marketing campaign entails know-how and good understanding of the target market. These are imperative because you are basically competing with “spam” for your audience’s attention.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing refers to the using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to drive engagement and sales. Consistency is key with this type of digital marketing method.

Social media marketing apps

Social media marketing is recommended for small businesses on a tight budget. Source: Flicker / Christiaan Colen

Content Marketing

Content marketing utilizes blogs, landing pages, articles, white papers, and e-books to attract and engage a specific audience. While practically time-consuming, it is perhaps the most rewarding digital marketing method for generating leads.  

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization involves optimizing a website organically to push its rankings higher on search engine results. Years ago, digital marketers treated SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) as one and the same; however, professionals associate SEM more with paid placements, such as PPC.  

Getting Started

Most digital marketers recommend social media marketing as a stepping stone for your online marketing efforts. That is because it doesn’t take much time, making it quite cost-effective. It’s also the most “user-friendly” among the the rest of the aforementioned. Everyone is savvy in using Facebook, making it easier to connect with people there.

If you’re looking for a company that provides digital marketing in Cavite, then you’ve come to the right place. Our in-house consultant has ten years of experience in the niche, having worked for a number of successful companies engaged in digital marketing. Get in touch with us today for a worry-free, no-obligations consultation.



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