Don’t Fight it: You Need a Website Whether You Like It or Not

It is understandable for businesses to ignore the importance of having a website. After all, most of them didn’t have one before and they did just fine.

But today’s business landscape is a different beast. Customers now Google you before setting foot on your premises. They browse review sites and read Facebook testimonials and judge you by your website, your customer service, and your digital savvy. They want to find out if you’re on the same wavelength.

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What Are the Digital Trends to Watch in 2017?

It’s the -ber months once again. Here in the Philippines, malls are already bedecked with with Christmas decors and lights; the same goes for villages, where the proverbial parol illuminates our surroundings. The Yuletide season truly is in the air, heralding the coming of Christmas and the New Year.

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5 Social Media Marketing Success Tips for Small Businesses

Social media is one of the things today that makes the world go round. Almost everyone is on Facebook, and it is in fact, still the fastest way to close a sale. Twitter also remains to be a vibrant community for sharing interests, and the same goes for Pinterest.

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Clueless No More: Demystifying Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Digital marketing for your small business

Digital marketing is a catch-all term that encompasses a wide variety of techniques to boost a person’s or business’ revenue. It essentially involves the use of available online tools and channels in making loyal customers out of audiences.

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