4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Filipino Digital Agency

Philippines flag

International companies are no stranger to outsourcing their operations to a Filipino digital agency (or Filipinos in general, for that matter). All it takes is a stroll in one of Manila’s business districts to know how true this statement is: Our streetscapes are dominated by high-rise buildings lit during the nighttime by the logos of big-name international companies that have found the country as their second home. So, what’s drawing business owners from around the world to Filipino workers?

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What Are the Digital Trends to Watch in 2017?


It’s the -ber months once again. Here in the Philippines, malls are already bedecked with Christmas decors and lights; the same goes for villages, where the proverbial parol illuminates our surroundings. The Yuletide season truly is in the air, heralding the coming of Christmas and the New Year.

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